International franchising

From the United States to Singapore, from Russia to South Africa, if there is one dream that has taken hold across the globe, it is the dream of homeownership. The Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate brand can make this dream possible in both established and emerging markets by sharing its brand marketing and franchise business model with international entrepreneurs through a master franchise agreement. This type of business arrangement, which has been managed by Realogy Corporation for its multiple other brands over the past decade, empower real estate entrepreneurs to plan for their own success using a comprehensive system.

Under the master franchise model, we will grant a company approved by the brand the exclusive franchising rights for particular regions, an entire country, or multiple countries. Acquiring a master franchise will give you the rights to sell franchises and oversee the development of the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate brand in a given region.

The Opportunity
Globalization is resulting in an explosion of growth in resort markets and capital cities all over the world. Owners of real estate, including developers, are now benefiting from available technology and international brand networks that expand their pool of potential buyers beyond their local borders. As travel, trade, and technology further globalize the world, international real estate networks will continue to grow in value.

While established markets benefit from the power of international networks to attract business, emerging markets are benefiting from the systems that these networks offer as models for establishing markets and institutions that will be the foundation of growth for the future. To that end, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate master franchisors can play a considerable role in helping to mature real estate markets around the world, making the process for potential buyers easier by offering professional services previously unavailable.


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