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As an independent broker/owner, you have built a company and team you are proud of. As you look to the future, important things you may be currently considering about your company include:
• Your development strategy in your market: what is it, and how can you get there most effectively?
• The importance of having access to the latest technology for you and your agents
• How you will continue to offer the best resources, training and support to empower your agents to be more productive
• Who can you lean on to help develop the best strategy for your company’s operations?
• How can you extend your company’s brand awareness footprint and lead generation most efficiently?

The decision to affiliate with a brand is one of the most important, strategic decisions you can make for your company. Not just to help you meet your goals today, but to help bring you the support, resources, and tools to help you exceed your goals tomorrow. Here are some stories from our brokers who, like you, were previously unaffiliated, and why they made the important and strategic decision to join Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.


Currently with another franchise
You are no stranger to the value that affiliation with a real estate brand can provide: support, services, resources and marketing. You understand the value of working with a brand to help you chart and follow the course you have set for your company. That’s the hard part. The fun part is evaluating why different brands bring different benefits and which will be best for you and the future of your company. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate offers all of the tools, training, business consulting, support and resources you need to make the most out of your company’s future. But we offer so much more than that: we offer the only brand in real estate that is relevant to the consumer 365 days a year…not just in those few and far-between times when they are considering buying or selling a home. We offer access to brand-loyal consumers through our unique relationship with the Meredith Corporation, the publisher of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, which is the nation’s #1 lifestyle publication read by 1 in 6 adults, 1 in 5 homeowners, and 1 in 4 women.* And what’s more, we offer access to those consumers through unique marketing channels to help give you an edge in your market.

Making the decision to switch brands is an important and thoughtful process. Take a look at why other broker/owners such as you decided to make the switch to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.
*Source: MRI Spring 2012


Top agent or team
You have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, which has helped make you successful in your own right. What is the next step in your career as a real estate professional? Have you ever considered taking your skills and expertise and opening your own brokerage? If so, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is the brand for you. We have welcomed many top entrepreneurs just like you into our network, and have empowered them with the tools, resources and support to help turn their dream of owning their own brokerage into a reality. We are here for you not just during transition, but in all of the days and years to come to help you realize your new business’s full potential.


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